The presentations of the ErgoHair Workshop Brussels are listed here in order of appearance on the agenda:

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Miet Verhamme – Explanation of the Project and the Results

Marija Bubas – Hairdressing and Musculoskeletal Disorders

Veronique De Broeck – European Comparison Implementation RIE

Lorenzo Munar – OiRA; OSH MSDs Overview Project and HWC

Jan Vandevelde – Costs of sick leave

Esther Lynch – Health and Safety Implementation Challenges in SMEs and Micro-Enterprises

Agnessa Kozak: Brief description – medical reference document

Pieters Raymaekers – Old habits die hard. New pathways of behaviour change

Lien De Ruyck – Presentation of the Communication Campaign

Sylvie Finné – The Role of Social Dialogue and Implementation of EU projects