The presentations of the ErgoHair Workshop Paris are listed here in order of appearance on the agenda:

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Anne Bertrand: The architecture of the hairdressing salon

Rafael Villechenaud / Veronique Poete: Occupational risk prevention, healthy workplaces and organisations

Martin Cremer: Advantages of applied ergonomics in the hairdressing salon and the importance of correct management skills

Philippe Bielec / Pascal Gillet: Evaluation of ergonomic professional equipment in hairdressing salons

Morton Waersted: Hairdressers’ shoulder load when blow-drying – Studying the effect of a new blowdryer design on upper arm inclination

Raphaël Perrier: New way of working to prevent musculoskeletal disorders

Martijn de Kort: Palm-to-palm technique and other standards from the Dutch Health and Safety Guide for Hairdressers

Christian Frank: General conditions and recommendations for the ergonomics standardization of salon furnishings

Guido de Jongh: Towards european standards to improe the working conditions of hairdressers

Jean-Loup Commo: The voluntary standardization : A framework for progress for all

Michel Dalonneau: Cross-cultural communication in the European Union